The Guild of Wrought Ironworks Craftsmen of Wessex Safe Working Regulations

  1. Students must not enter the workshop before a lesson until a member of staff is present.
  2. Personal belongings to be stored in the correct place. i.e. Area away from workspace.
  3. Correct PPE must be worn at all times (no PPE no session).
  4. Never leave hot metal lying around unmarked.
  5. Hot metal must be handled with tongs or gloves and not bare hands.
  6. Never use any equipment without the proper instruction.
  7. Never use the forges or any machinery without eye protection.
  8. Check that tools used are in a good and safe condition.
  9. Wear non-burn overalls with non flammable clothing underneath (no nylon trousers or tops).
  10. Wear leather aprons and gloves when heavy forging.
  11. Return all unused metal to the rack.
  12. Scrap metal must go in the scrap bin.
  13. Clinker must be cold before putting in the waste bin.
  14. Floor sweepings to be put in waste bin and not onto the forge.
  15. Clean the workshop thoroughly after each session. A clean workshop is a safe workshop.
  16. Know where your nearest first aid and fire points are.
  17. All accidents must be reported to an instructor.
  18. Report all damaged or broken equipment to the instructor.

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